Paragon | Hexagon | Spice Jars

*Bottles not to scale

  1. 4oz Hexagon jar
    4oz Hexagon jar
  2. 6oz Hexagon Jar
    6oz Hexagon Jar
  3. 1.5oz Hexagon jar
    1.5oz Hexagon jar
  4. 8oz Paragon Jar
    8oz Paragon Jar
  5. 4oz Paragon Jar
    4oz Paragon Jar
  6. 12oz-straight-sided-round-jar
  7. 9oz Straight Sided Jar
    9oz Straight Sided Jar
  8. 6oz Straight Sided Jar
    6oz Straight Sided Jar
  9. 4oz Straight Sided jar
    4oz Straight Sided jar
  10. 16oz Paragon Jar
    16oz Paragon Jar
  11. 32oz Straight Sided Jar
    32oz Straight Sided Jar
  12. 9oz Hexagon Jar
    9oz Hexagon Jar
  13. 4oz french square glass spice jar with 43-400 neck finish
    4oz Spice Jar

Condiment | Beverage Bottles

*Bottles not to scale

  1. 10oz Woozy Bottle
    10oz Woozy Bottle
  2. 10oz Sauce Bottle
    10oz Sauce Bottle
  3. 12oz Syrup Bottle
    12oz Syrup Bottle
  4. 12oz Ring Neck Bottle
    12oz Ring Neck
  5. 8oz Syrup Bottle
    8oz Syrup Bottle
  6. 8oz Ring Neck
    8oz Ring Neck
  7. 8oz Tapered Jar
    8oz Tapered Jar
  8. 16oz French Square
    16oz French Square
  9. 5oz Woozy Tabasco Bottle
    5oz Woozy Bottle
  10. 32oz Mayo Jar
    32oz Mayo Jar
  11. 10oz French Square
    10oz French Square
  12. 12oz Fluted Bottle
    12oz Fluted Sauce Bottle

Oil Bottles

*Bottles not to scale

  1. 8.5oz Square Oil Bottle
    8.5oz Square Oil Bottle
  2. 8.5oz Round Oil Bottle
    8.5oz Round Oil Bottle
  3. 8.5oz Square Oil Bottle
    8.5oz Square Oil Bottle
  4. 8oz Round Oil Bottle
    8oz Round Oil Bottle
We offer a variety of food and beverage glass products. In addition to sourcing in bulk, many of our bottles are kept in stock and available for immediate delivery from one of our conveniently located warehouses. To inquire about availability, pricing and minimum order quantities, or to obtain a quote please contact our  food and beverage sales team directly.
Looking to decorate your bottle? In addition to sourcing quality glass for your food and beverage product, Glopak provides custom decorative services such as hot stamping, screen printing, etching and embossing. Visit our decoration page to see the different decorative applications we offer.

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