We offer a variety of eLiquid bottles including glass boston rounds, european rounds, and plastic HDPE and PET bottles with tamper evident neck finishes. Most of our bottles can be decorated and customized in various ways to suite your brand.

Our eLiquid bottles fit with our  CRC droppers and caps which are FDA approved and certified to meet eliquid regulation 16 CFR part 1700.2.  Download a list of all our CRC certifications here.

240ml - 15ml Round Bead 

*Bottles not to scale
  1. boston round 15ml
    Round Bead - 15ml
  2. boston round 30ml
    Round Bead - 30ml
  3. Round Bead - 60ml
    Round Bead - 60ml
  4. boston round 120ml
    Round Bead - 120ml
  5. boston round 240ml
    Round Bead - 240ml

LDPE Bottles
100ml - 5ml 

*Bottles not to scale

LDPE Tamper Evident Bottles
100ml - 5ml 

*Bottles not to scale
  1. 5ml-clear-PET-bottle
    5ml PET Bottle
  2. 20ml-clear-PET-bottle
    20ml PET Bottle
  3. 30ml-clear-PET-bottle
    30ml PET Bottle

PET Bottles
30ml - 5ml 

*Bottles not to scale
  1. 5ml-clear-PET-tamper-evident-bottle
    5ml PET-TE Bottle
  2. 10ml-clear-PET-tamper-evident-bottle
    10ml PET-TE Bottle
  3. 15ml-clear-PET-tamper-evident-bottle
    15ml PET-TE Bottle
  4. 30ml-clear-PET-tamper-evident-bottle
    30ml PET-TE Bottle

PET Tamper Evident Bottles
30ml - 5ml 

*Bottles not to scale
*Bottles not to scale
  1. Black 30ml eLiquid Bottle
    Black 30ml eLiquid Bottle
  2. Gold 30ml eLiquid Bottle
    Gold 30ml eLiquid Bottle
  3. Silver 30ml eLiquid Bottle
    Silver 30ml eLiquid Bottle
  4. White 30ml eLiquid Bottle
    White 30ml eLiquid Bottle
  5. Frosted glass 30ml eliquid bottle
  6. Orange Coated 30ml eliquid bottle
    Orange Coated
  7. Brown gradation coated 30ml eliquid bottle
    Brown Gradation
  8. Purple Gradation coated 30ml eliquid bottle
    Purple Gradation
  9. Blue gradation coated 30ml eliquid bottle
    Blue Gradation
  10. Green gradation coated 30ml clear bottle
    Green Gradation
  11. Red gradation 30ml glass eliquid bottle
    Red Gradation
  12. metallic blue 30ml clear eliquid bottle
    Blue Metallic
  13. Red metallic finish glass eliquid bottle
    Red Metallic
  14. Silver coated 30ml glass eliquid bottle
    Silver Coated
  15. Frosted Amber Boston Round 30ml Glass ejuice bottle
    Amber Frosted
  16. Frosted blue coated 30ml glass eliquid bottle
    Blue Gradation / Frosted
  17. White powder coated amber 30ml glass bottle
    White Coated Amber
  18. White Ceramic e-liquid bottle 30ml
    White Ceramic
  19. Neon Green coated 30ml glass eliquid bottle
    Neon Coated
  20. Green gradation coated 30ml glass bottle
    Green Gradation
  21. Light Blue gradation coated 30ml eliquid bottle
    Light Blue Gradation
  22. Purple Gradation Coated 30ml glass bottle
    Purple Gradation
  23. Gold yellow coated 30ml glass eliquid bottle
    Gold Coated
  24. Title 24
    Title 24

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